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You are someone who desires to have a high vibrational environment around you at all times. 
You are someone who desires to be in a network of people who are visionaries, pure magic, loving,  supportive and actually TAKING action to solve social injustices on this planet.

Then, this is the HOME for you.
There are 2 ONLINE calls a month that are between 30 and 45 minutes. 
So as long as you have wifi you can join from anywhere in the world.

The days and times are always changing to accommodate everyones schedule.

However, ALL calls are Recorded and you get access for life to the ONLINE database of ALL videos ever done
There is a Facebook Group where we all introduce each other,  share about updated research, news and global projects that are impacting the planet. 
                                                  Colleen or Global Leading Experts Will Be Covering:

• Communication Mindset           • Online Business / Business          • Social Media
• Manifestation                                  •  Development of the World         • Communication
• Network Marketing                      • Multiple Income Streams             • Finances 
• Love Communication                   • Updates on Global Politics          • Retreats
• Network Marketing                     •  Online Systems / Processes        • Love                                                       • Relationships                                   • Global Unity                                          • & Much, much more
• Community                                        • Creating 
What if I cannot join the live training?
ALL calls are recorded in a membership database so you get access to them all 

What if I desire to leave the "No Name Container"?
SIMPLE you email and we remove you 

How do I get access to the Facebook Group & Calls?
As soon as you sign up you get an email that invites you to the Page & tells you the next 3 months of our meetings

Why Get Started?
You get access to hours of business strategies, energetic strategies and mindset techniques to implement in your life to create a massive impact and accelerate your success. 

You get to start flying higher and higher with whatever success means to you dissolving all fear.
You will get real life updates from a HIGH vibrational community who cares about impacting this planet with love.... 

& learning how to create more freedom in your life and for others on this planet
You get to be connected with others all over the world who share the same passion as you to influence, impact and lead with love.  

You get to be part of a network who all is using business for good and creating money to facilitate transformation on this planet. 

You get to have a home within this community regardless of where you are in the world.
 Colleen is so passionate about igniting global freedom within peoples lives so they can start to impact the world in a greater way. 
Colleen has her Masters of Science in Global Technology & Development, her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. 
She has worked for a $23 billion company and a $400 million company. 
She has traveled to 35 countries and she is SO damn passionate about empowering others to live their best life and influence others to active this world with love.

 Colleen travels all over the world as a speak, author and coach to motivate others to do their part in living a more positive, fulfilling, loving, and impactful life. Colleen believes that we each hold the power to manifest the life of our dreams.

Colleen is here to lift the vibration of the planet and empower you to do your part in lifting the vibration of the planet as well. 

Colleen loves to hear from her tribe so if there is something specific you want to learn or ask her please email her at
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